About Us

Welcome to Trincomali!

Our community, located on Pender Island, is a small sub-division serviced by a secure water system which is managed by the Trincomali Improvement District (TID). Since its inception in 1983  the water system has been maintained and serviced by volunteers with the addition of a professional water master to oversee the pumps and reservoirs


What is an Improvement District?

The powers of improvement districts are set out in Sections 745-6 of the B.C. Local Government Act.  In simple terms an improvement district has all the powers of a municipality for the limited purposes for which it is formed.

Peter Cove, courtesy Diane MacDonald

Peter Cove, courtesy Diane MacDonald

The TID’s purposes “shall be the acquisition, maintenance and operation of works for waterworks purposes and all matters incidental thereto.”  The powers of the district include the levying of parcel taxes and tax sale of properties when such taxes are unpaid for more than two years.  The District also levies water tolls for those properties actually using water from the TID system.  Water service can be cut off if tolls are not paid or if the user makes irresponsible use of the district’s limited water supply.  The district’s five trustees are elected by the property owners for three year terms.  The trustees levy taxes and water tolls, and establish restrictions on the use of water by passing by-laws which have to be approved by the B.C. Ministry of Municipal Affairs.