Our Water Supply

daffodilsThe Southern Gulf Islands are a dry (semi-desert) area with less than half the rainfall of the Greater Vancouver Region (GVRD) and the islands lack the mountain watersheds which give the GVRD its abundant water supply. In Trincomali our water comes from 6 very deep wells and as there is no water table, these wells only capture the water that rains down on us. During the rainy season, these wells produce very well, and we pump and store water in 2 large concrete tanks which together can hold 1/2 million Imp. Gal. (over 2.25 million litres).

How good is Trincomali water?  Exceptional! Samples are taken and tested every month and our water more than meets the provincial standards. Our annual results are posted on our website under the owners section. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations, such as the BC Drinking Water protection Regulation, in the operation of the whole water system. Our water is not chlorinated…that`s why it tastes so good!

Residents from areas where water supplies are unrestricted often find it difficult to adjust to using less water. To help in understanding what is required, the TID trustees in By-Law number 11 set out usage rules. In brief, water is to be used sparingly for essential domestic purposes only. Trincomali standards of water use are as follows:

For a 2 person household, 60 – 70 Imp. Gal a day (272 – 318 litres per day)

For a 4 person household, 110 – 130 Imp. Gal a day (500 – 590 litres per day).

As you can see, these numbers are considerably lower than normal usage in urban areas but experience shows that these amounts of water are adequate if care is taken to avoid unnecessary use.